Oh no! They’re coming through the TV!

Oh no! They’re coming through the TV!

That just sort of happened

That just sort of happened

Crazy Thought

I was thinking if there was ever going to be a Tolkien/Avengers crossover then which Marvel character would belong to which Middle Earth creature…

(Take note: this is just me thinking things from the top of my head, I will go into more detail once I’ve done proper research)

First off, I’ll start with Thor and Loki: obviously they would be Elves because them being Gods, they would be on a higher plane than everyone else and Elves are the higher creature and they’re both immortal. (Plus I just want to do an Elfin Loki cosplay)

Next, all the Avengers that would be in the Human category: Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow.

With Captain America, you would think because he’s got a big shield he would be similar to Boromir and I thought that too but then decided he would be more suited to Aragorn because they are both very strong leaders and live longer than normal men.

I would’ve made Hawkeye an Elf because of the archery thing but then I realised he would be in the same category as Thor and Loki so I decided he would be more suited to Bard’s character.

Black Widow is a very strong female character and there isn’t a lot of female characters in Lord of the Rings so picking one suited to Black Widow was a bit difficult but when I thought of Eowyn it seems obvious because “I am no man!”

Now Hulk was a difficult one to come up with because one could put him in the Troll or Orc category but it really didn’t suit him at all so I made him a skin-changer. Beorn changes into a giant bear which is the uncontrollable side of him and the human part of him is the reasonable side. Sound familiar?…

Iron Man may cause some raised eyebrows but hear me out! I think Iron Man is suitable as a Dwarf because they both are metal forgers, technical and weapons and love shiny things. Besides Tony Stark would be tall for a dwarf (which means that Tony and Pepper would be Killi and Tauriel! Sorry went off on a tangent there…)

Nick Fury would obviously be a wizard because for starters wizards are the wise, all knowing individuals who know just the right things to say and don’t underestimate them because they always have a trick up their sleeve…do you see Nick Fury as a wizard now?

And finally Coulson…well he’s the endearing man whose never give up attitude has won the hearts of everyone…so he’s a Hobbit.

Broke out my inner Shakespeare and wrote a sonnet about fangirls, as Loki.
Just because I can!

My Ridiculously Awesome Film Idea Note#1

One of the obstacles will involve the seduction of a stubborn fangirl in order to get past the gate. (sort of the ask of me these questions three thing)

Tom and Ben try all the poetry they could think of and maybe some song but to no avail.

Matt Smith simply asks “Will you join me in my Tardis?” and the fangirl swoons.

I just want to see that happen!


I have a ridiculously awesome idea for a short film!

It will require kidnapping Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston and Matt Smith

(Okay kidnapping Benedict Cumberbatch, bribing Tom Hiddleston and promising Matt Smith a sandwich)

EDIT: Okay, I’ve worked it out! Benedict Cumberbatch will be bribed, Matt Smith will be kidnapped and Tom Hiddleston will be promised a grilled chicken sandwich!

Alright I’m going to be super duper cultured today and watch some Shakespeare! …and drool over Tom Hiddleston…

Alright I’m going to be super duper cultured today and watch some Shakespeare!

…and drool over Tom Hiddleston…

My ridiculously awesome film idea?

Stick Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston and Matt Smith in the centre of a maze and they have to MacGuyver their way out, solving clues, overcoming obstacles etc. (shirts will most definitely have to be removed at some point)

All the while, it is getting secretly filmed

This film will then be used for the purposes of world domination

…mwa ha ha


Benedict Cumberbatch Discusses ‘Private’ Cheekbone Polishing Parties With Tom Hiddleston (x)

"It happens all the time. People just don’t get to hear about it," Cumberbatch says about his sexy cheekbone polishing parties.

15 Careers Tom can fall back on


1. Juggler


2. Cage Dancer


3. Caterer


4. Babysitter


5. Lounge Singer


6. Champion Debater


7. Celebrity Stylist


8. Bathtub Model


10. Weight Watchers Counselor


11. Language Tutor


12. Music Teacher


13. Gymnastics Coach


14. Motivational Speaker


15. Really anything he wants. Who wouldn’t hire him?


(Source: Mashable)